FitLogistix UTAH

Kelly Hunsaker

Utah Territory Manager for Comprehensive Fitness Solutions

Kelly has been involved in the fitness industry her entire life growing up with the family’s tennis center in Northern California. She graduated with a B.S. Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento and went to pursue a career in finance, and then interior design. After starting a family in California (she has 4 boys), she moved to Utah in 1998, and became a yoga teacher and personal trainer. In 2005, she began marketing fitness equipment and designing fitness centers throughout Utah.
“After meeting Danielle a few years, I knew we would maintain a strong friendship and working relationship. When the opportunity arose to join the FitLogistix team, meet Joelle, and learn about how FitLogistix can provide the fitness industry with quality products, service & integrity – I knew this is where I wanted to be!”

Mobile: (801) 347-7727

4960 S. Gilbert Road, Suite 1-308

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4960 S. Gilbert Road, Suite 1-308

Chandler, AZ 85249


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