Planning and design

Planning & Design

FitLogistix understands that each of our clients brings to the table varying budgets, requirements, and expectations. Inherent to this understanding is our ability to provide answers to some of the critical questions that may surround client projects, including the What, the Why, and the Where.
Through referrals, reputation, and market research, you’ve wisely discovered that FitLogistix is the Who. Read on and find out answers to the other 3 W’s.


There are seemingly as many fitness products available today as there are muscles in the body. FitLogistix centers its search for the perfect products using proven criteria matched to client need.

Close consideration is paid to: price consciousness; product quality; ease of use; frequency of use; and demographic fit.


Even machines that are routinely maintained require tender love and care… and yes, even eventual updating. Whether you’re searching for a budget-friendly service and repair alternative or an exciting, all-new piece of equipment, FitLogistix delivers.


Large and small spaces alike must each be filled with exercise equipment that fits the floor plan wisely. Far from an random act, the planning and design of floor layouts takes careful planning and deliberation, kicking off with the initial concept — through the delivery and “touching down” of the equipment.

Fear not: FitLogistix employs its vast experience in matters such as these to give your space the perfect look and your customers the ideal experience.

… So, What Now?

Contact the experts at FitLogistix today to see how our industry know-how can turn your questions into answers. It’s really that easy. (855) FIT-LOGX.

Below are some planning and design samples of how FitLogistix can help you to select the right equipment to maximize training and include planning ideas to make getting up and running a faster, painless experience.

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4960 S. Gilbert Road, Suite 1-308

Chandler, AZ 85249


4960 S. Gilbert Road, Suite 1-308

Chandler, AZ 85249


10645 N Oracle RD Suite 121-181

Oro Valley, AZ 85737


9249 S Broadway #246

Highlands Ranch, CO 80129


8100 Wyoming Blvd. NE M4-334

Albuquerque, NM 87113-1923


1464 E. Ridgeline Dr, Suite 101

South Ogden, UT 84405